Basic concept and History of cyber security system

Cyber security term is coined in 1988. It was detected as online viruses due to which many computers which are connected together are slow down. More recently cyber security firm is develop to protect website and online server from paralyze so that flooding data from one server to another get secured. Network security is performance in transformation of data in digitized manner.

Landscaped Change

However cyber security system is such sophisticated system and much more dangerous. Now private information is not private. It is proven that cyber crime is most dangerous crime also. Some of the websites are proven that classified data was leaked and thousands of documents are shared by certain website.

Cyber Security

Cloud computing

Digital data stored in server and utilized by certain companies which may easily accessible anywhere and anytime. Password and security questions are launched in cloud computing to provide protection from unauthorized attack. As technology increasing, there are number of enemies also increasing. Photos and private in formations from storage media are hacked. Hackers work on shallow of Internet.

Hackers may target government banks, company and collect confidential information. They may shut down server and crash hard drive. In order to stop unwanted data and mail Anti-virus and malware is implemented.

Precautions made

  • Many centres are formed for cyber investigation and implementing software for protection.
  • Digital foot prints are secured
  • Password must be long and unique
  • Verification process for secure network and secure data

Current concerns: More number of users is connected through wifi so chances of hacking growing exponentially. Many Bugs are arrived due concern some software companies develop network security anti-virus to get rid of these bugs.

It can be split in two classification as crime in computer network itself, In this type virus attack it self

Expectations of Individuals for cyber security

  • Target Audience
  • IT help desk focused in network or system administrations for cyber security.

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