The Magical Device – Our computer

21st century that we are living in, it’s pretty rare to find anyone who is not using a computer. Starting from the younger generations to even senior citizens has started working on computers.  A device that has changed the way the world works also brings with it the troubles of not working. Needless to say, but computer repair has become an unwanted necessity in our way of life.

The Backdoor Pain of Using Computers 

Nothing is probably more frustrating than to see our favorite work device giving up on us, especially when we are deep into some work. Though often times a little common sense should solve the issue, and there will be times when a Google search can do wonders to our knowledge of computer repair. The next generation breathes computers. So they would find it easier to repair one on their own. But much of us old-timers, it would give us the creeps if anything would ever be to go wrong on us with our computers. That is when specialist computer repairmen would come into the picture.

Computer Repair

The Cost Factor

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see computer repair shops in almost every neighborhood. Depending on the problems, charges can start anywhere from 500 bucks just for analyzing and minor repairs. Generally, the cost of parts replacement would be extra. But it could also be severe on the pockets if there are more hardware failures detected. For instance the cost of a new display unit or monitors would set us back by a few thousands. While a small cable replacement could even range as low as 50 rupees.

We need to understand that most computer parts are not repairable or it would be better to say that the cost of repairs would be much on the higher side than to simply replace it with a new one. So it is advisable to replace the parts as much as possible as a repair tends to create problems sooner or later.

Most organizations do have an Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC with computer vendors. In simple words, anything wrong would have happened to the computer, would be take care by the vendor. It’s the vendor’s responsibility to ensure the running of the computers. There are usually two types of AMC. The first one being where annually a charge like Rs 1200 is paid to the vendor for each computer, but if any parts were to be replaced it would be added on to the bill. The second type of AMC being the comprehensive ones where even parts replacement would be Bourne by the vendor. Of course, this type of AMC would generally cost the double of a regular one.


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