What iPhone Chips You Expect To See In The Coming Generations

Have you ever thought that in the coming generations there would be iPhones chips that are more superior than the already existing ones? Here is what Experts think concerning the next generation chips for iPhones:

  1. Incorporation of very efficient 7-nanometer processors

Apple is making inroads in designing 7-nanometer processors with aid of Qualcomm Inc which is which is the most rated mobile chip making company in the world. In addition, Huawei Technologies is also penetrating the Chinese market with their inbuilt 7-nanometer processor designed phones.

  1. Introduction of A 12 chip

Apple Inc in conjunction with Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company is trying to come up with an A12 chip that makes use of 7-nanometer design and has the superior feature than the 10-anemometer chip that is of late used in Apple devices such as iPhone X. A12 chip is considered to be more microchip-sized, quicker and greatly efficient. Experts think that this will make iPhones application to run faster and their inbuilt batteries to last longer before recharging.

  1. Launch of 3 new iPhones that never existed before

Apple is set to make 3 new advancements of their iPhones in the future. One of the advancement includes a cheap iPhone model sharing common features with iPhone X but with an LCD screen that is cheaper. The second advancement is the one of designing a bigger version of iPhone X. the last advancement is focused on updating the current size of iPhone X.

  1. Expansion of Hsinchu headquarters.

TSMC is set forth to invest $10 billion on the expansion of their production facilities in their headquarter. This expansion entails institution of research and development centers that will work on coming up with the recent chip technology. This is a clear guarantee that in future generations we will probably have more superior iPhone chips that never existed before.

With the above 4 milestone advances in iPhones chip technology, the future generation are assured of having the best experiences with iPhones.

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